2 Things to Know Before Buying Colorado Vinyl Fencing

2 Things to Know Before Buying Colorado Vinyl Fencing

Choosing the right vinyl fencing for your Colorado property’s privacy fence is extremely important. Here are the top 2 things to know before buying Colorado vinyl fencing:

1. Not all vinyl fencing brands are the same. There are two grades of vinyl manufactured for fencing purposes. One is made from virgin vinyl (PVC) which I’ll label as the premium grade. The other is a consumer grade sold by the Big Box Stores in Longmont and Greeley. The premium grade virgin vinyl (the one you want) is sold through large fence companies or fence fabricators such as Vinyl Fence Materials and Cedar Supply both located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Premium virgin vinyl is usually manufactured with UV inhibitors which prevents discoloration from the sun’s harsh ultra violet rays. The consumer grade vinyl does not have these inhibitors and is made from recycled plastics. These recycled materials have a tendency to fade to a yellowish tint, warp easily and have thinner wall thickness compared to the premium grade. So why do the Big Box Stores carry this inferior product? Pricing. They think that the majority of the general public thinks that just because they’re a large retailer with their big branded name, people will think that they only carry the best. Not true at all.

Vinyl Fencing: What To Look For in the Cost Factor

2. The second of 2 things to know before buying Colorado vinyl fencing is the Cost Factor. Premium fencing materials for 6′ tall privacy fencing should include galvanized steel inserts in the bottom of the rails to prevent sagging; and the fence sections should be 8′ in length. Consumer grade fencing (the kind the Big Box stores carry) usually comes in 6′ sections without steel inserts. If you want these inserts, those Big Box stores charge you an additional cost. Because the fence sections are six foot, you will need additional post which adds to the purchase price, more concrete (and added labor, if you’re having a contractor install the fence for you).

Another cost factor are brackets. Consumer grade 6′ vinyl fencing panels are installed using a cheap bracket system made out of thin steel painted to the color of the fence. They have been proven to not be very durable and have a tendency to rust over time. The pickets in their fence panels are usually glued to the rails. What do you think the longevity of glued rails is over time?

Premium fence materials come with pre-routed post so that the fence panels lock into place inside each post, hence eliminating unsightly exposed brackets. The pickets of the premium grade are tongue and grooved for tightness and strength and securely locks in place with routed top and bottom rails.

When estimating the cost of the two grades of vinyl fencing, consider the added cost of post, concrete, labor and flimsiness of the consumer grade. With the high winds we have here in northern Colorado, including Greeley, you need a strong and durable fence that will last a life time. Choose your style of vinyl fencing now and give us a call. We’re here to help you.

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