How to Clean Stains On Vinyl Fencing

How to Clean Stains On Vinyl Fencing

Cleaning stains on vinyl fencing requires some basic knowledge that this blog post will empower you with. Read on for tips on how to clean stains on vinyl fencing, in particular: graffiti.

Cleaning Vinyl Fences That Have Latex Or Enamel Paint Spots

Cleaning Vinyl Fencing that has paint spots and, in some cases, graffiti, can be removed very easily or this could be very difficult, depending on the type of paint used. In our last post, we explained how to remove lawnmower tire scuffs off of vinyl fence materials here in Colorado and Wyoming. The removal of paint is a little more challenging but can be done successfully especially if the paint is a latex or enamel-based paint. As with tire scuffs, we will use lacquer thinner for cleaning vinyl fencing materials, which can either be sprayed on sparingly or applied with a course rag.

How to Clean Stains On Vinyl FencingHere’s the tricky part: you have to allow the thinner to soak into the paint long enough (but try not to create “runs”) so that you’re able to wipe the softened paint from the vinyl fencing with a clean soft rag. When wiping the paint-stained area:  wipe off in one direction only – DO NOT USE a circular motion. By wiping off in one direction, this will help prevent smearing the paint. This thinner has a tendency to run, so apply the thinner to a course rag and use as little as possible to remove the painted areas.

Cleaning Vinyl Fences With Acrylic Paint Is More Challenging

If the paint you are trying to remove is acrylic paint, you then have a bigger problem when you clean stains on vinyl fencing. Using lacquer thinner may work but you might not have much success. Here in Greeley and Longmont, although we do not recommend it, some customers have had some success with removing acrylic paint off of vinyl fencing by using acetone. The problem with this is, acetone can actually melt the finish on vinyl because vinyl fencing is made from PVC. If you feel that this is your only option, then we again recommend that you also use this liquid sparingly and use as little amount as possible.

After Cleaning Vinyl Fences Make Sure You Take Precautionary Measures

When cleaning vinyl fencing using acetone or lacquer thinner, you need to be aware that these chemicals are highly flamable, so you must properly discard the rags used for removing the paint. There are several ways to do this. One way is if it’s a hot sunny day, you can spread out the rags in the sun so that all the chemicals in the rags will evaporate. DO NOT put wet rags into an enclosed container which could possibly be combustible and cause a fire. Another and safer way is to put the damp rags into a sealed container filled with water. although this is a safer method, this container will have to be disposed of and end up in a landfill which is not environmentally the best alternative. Remember, always wear safety glasses and gloves. Acetone is nasty stuff and is highly flammable, so be extremely careful when disposing of your rags.

Now you know how to clean stains on vinyl fencing so you can protect your investment in your home even longer.